Do you own a studio?

Unfortunately no, however for your convenience I can shoot from the comfort of your own home or the location of your choice.

What exactly is lifestyle photography?

Basically, it's exactly as it sounds, in that rather than traditional, posed photography, the photos are more natural - kids playing with their favourite toys, a couple sharing an intimate joke, or maybe a mum making biscuits with her child.  It's photos of your life so that when you look back and look at them you can not only remember what you looked like at that point in time, but what you liked and the things that were important to you.  If you would like to see an example of a typical lifestyle shoot, check out the Murtha Family gallery here

But I would also like some traditional posed photographs - is that possible?

Of course!  While my style definitely focuses on natural looking photos I understand that people would still like the traditional shots to put up on their wall which I am more than happy to do for you.  I even have some nice backdrops I can bring along if you would like.

I would like some newborn photos - when is the best time to get them done?

It depends on what you are after.  If you would like the traditional "prop" photos then less than a week is usually the best time as that is when they are the most relaxed (usually - all babies are different!)  If you are after natural, family photos where you can see the connection between the parents and bubba, then the two to three week mark is best.

Why can't I have the mini session for my newborn shoot?

The mini session is just a short half hour shoot which is simply not long enough for a newborn shoot.  Newborns can get fussy - either needing a feed, or nappy change or simply to calm them if they get a little upset.  On top of this, if you are wanting the traditional "prop" photos, again this takes time to wrap the babies, position them and change if we are using multiple props.  So bottom line, you need the full hour to really get the best possible photos we can.

How long will it take before I receive my photos?

Obviously it depends on the style of photos that you have chosen.  For portrait and party packages the minimum turnaround is two weeks, but that can vary depending on the level of photoshopping required.  Wedding photos you can expect an approximate three month turn around (again, dependant on the amount of touchups required).

Why are your party packages for parties only?  Why can't I select them for my portrait session if I don't want prints?

I decided I didn't want to be a "shoot and burn" photographer (where all I do is take photos and put them on disc) for several reasons.  Firstly, in this digital age, unfortunately photos have a tendency to stay on a computer never to see the light of day.  My clients pay me to take their photos - by offering prints they can at least be assured that some will be displayed rather than forgotten.  Secondly, I use a professional photo lab rather than a generic printer - while you are more than welcome to print off your own, you will have at least a few of the very best quality.  And lastly, portrait shoots require a lot more touching up than an event shoot - in order to touch up upwards of 100 photos to provide all of them to a client, I would have to charge a lot more than the affordable prices I currently offer to compensate for my time.